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-Kernel driver sch5627
-Supported chips:
- * SMSC SCH5627
- Prefix: 'sch5627'
- Addresses scanned: none, address read from Super I/O config space
- Datasheet: Application Note available upon request
-Author: Hans de Goede <>
-SMSC SCH5627 Super I/O chips include complete hardware monitoring
-capabilities. They can monitor up to 5 voltages, 4 fans and 8 temperatures.
-The SMSC SCH5627 hardware monitoring part also contains an integrated
-watchdog. In order for this watchdog to function some motherboard specific
-initialization most be done by the BIOS, so if the watchdog is not enabled
-by the BIOS the sch5627 driver will not register a watchdog device.
-The hardware monitoring part of the SMSC SCH5627 is accessed by talking
-through an embedded microcontroller. An application note describing the
-protocol for communicating with the microcontroller is available upon
-request. Please mail me if you want a copy.