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-Kernel driver MCP3021
-Supported chips:
- * Microchip Technology MCP3021
- Prefix: 'mcp3021'
- Datasheet:
-Author: Mingkai Hu
-This driver implements support for the Microchip Technology MCP3021 chip.
-The Microchip Technology Inc. MCP3021 is a successive approximation A/D
-converter (ADC) with 10-bit resolution.
-This device provides one single-ended input with very low power consumption.
-Communication to the MCP3021 is performed using a 2-wire I2C compatible
-interface. Standard (100 kHz) and Fast (400 kHz) I2C modes are available.
-The default I2C device address is 0x4d (contact the Microchip factory for
-additional address options).