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-Kernel driver k8temp
-Supported chips:
- * AMD Athlon64/FX or Opteron CPUs
- Prefix: 'k8temp'
- Addresses scanned: PCI space
- Datasheet:
-Author: Rudolf Marek
-Contact: Rudolf Marek <>
-This driver permits reading temperature sensor(s) embedded inside AMD K8
-family CPUs (Athlon64/FX, Opteron). Official documentation says that it works
-from revision F of K8 core, but in fact it seems to be implemented for all
-revisions of K8 except the first two revisions (SH-B0 and SH-B3).
-Please note that you will need at least lm-sensors 2.10.1 for proper userspace
-There can be up to four temperature sensors inside single CPU. The driver
-will auto-detect the sensors and will display only temperatures from
-implemented sensors.
-Mapping of /sys files is as follows:
-temp1_input - temperature of Core 0 and "place" 0
-temp2_input - temperature of Core 0 and "place" 1
-temp3_input - temperature of Core 1 and "place" 0
-temp4_input - temperature of Core 1 and "place" 1
-Temperatures are measured in degrees Celsius and measurement resolution is
-1 degree C. It is expected that future CPU will have better resolution. The
-temperature is updated once a second. Valid temperatures are from -49 to
-206 degrees C.
-Temperature known as TCaseMax was specified for processors up to revision E.
-This temperature is defined as temperature between heat-spreader and CPU
-case, so the internal CPU temperature supplied by this driver can be higher.
-There is no easy way how to measure the temperature which will correlate
-with TCaseMax temperature.
-For newer revisions of CPU (rev F, socket AM2) there is a mathematically
-computed temperature called TControl, which must be lower than TControlMax.
-The relationship is following:
-temp1_input - TjOffset*2 < TControlMax,
-TjOffset is not yet exported by the driver, TControlMax is usually
-70 degrees C. The rule of the thumb -> CPU temperature should not cross
-60 degrees C too much.