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-Kernel driver emc6w201
-Supported chips:
- * SMSC EMC6W201
- Prefix: 'emc6w201'
- Addresses scanned: I2C 0x2c, 0x2d, 0x2e
- Datasheet: Not public
-Author: Jean Delvare <>
-From the datasheet:
-"The EMC6W201 is an environmental monitoring device with automatic fan
-control capability and enhanced system acoustics for noise suppression.
-This ACPI compliant device provides hardware monitoring for up to six
-voltages (including its own VCC) and five external thermal sensors,
-measures the speed of up to five fans, and controls the speed of
-multiple DC fans using three Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) outputs. Note
-that it is possible to control more than three fans by connecting two
-fans to one PWM output. The EMC6W201 will be available in a 36-pin
-QFN package."
-The device is functionally close to the EMC6D100 series, but is
-The driver currently only supports the monitoring of the voltages,
-temperatures and fan speeds. Limits can be changed. Alarms are not
-supported, and neither is fan speed control.
-Known Systems With EMC6W201
-The EMC6W201 is a rare device, only found on a few systems, made in
-2005 and 2006. Known systems with this device:
-* Dell Precision 670 workstation
-* Gigabyte 2CEWH mainboard