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-Kernel driver ads7828
-Supported chips:
- * Texas Instruments/Burr-Brown ADS7828
- Prefix: 'ads7828'
- Addresses scanned: I2C 0x48, 0x49, 0x4a, 0x4b
- Datasheet: Publicly available at the Texas Instruments website :
- Steve Hardy <>
-Module Parameters
-* se_input: bool (default Y)
- Single ended operation - set to N for differential mode
-* int_vref: bool (default Y)
- Operate with the internal 2.5V reference - set to N for external reference
-* vref_mv: int (default 2500)
- If using an external reference, set this to the reference voltage in mV
-This driver implements support for the Texas Instruments ADS7828.
-This device is a 12-bit 8-channel A-D converter.
-It can operate in single ended mode (8 +ve inputs) or in differential mode,
-where 4 differential pairs can be measured.
-The chip also has the facility to use an external voltage reference. This
-may be required if your hardware supplies the ADS7828 from a 5V supply, see
-the datasheet for more details.