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-$Id: tgafb.txt,v 2000/04/04 06:50:18 mato Exp $
-What is tgafb?
-This is a driver for DECChip 21030 based graphics framebuffers, a.k.a. TGA
-cards, which are usually found in older Digital Alpha systems. The
-following models are supported:
-ZLxP-E1 (8bpp, 2 MB VRAM)
-ZLxP-E2 (32bpp, 8 MB VRAM)
-ZLxP-E3 (32bpp, 16 MB VRAM, Zbuffer)
-This version is an almost complete rewrite of the code written by Geert
-Uytterhoeven, which was based on the original TGA console code written by
-Jay Estabrook.
-Major new features since Linux 2.0.x:
- * Support for multiple resolutions
- * Support for fixed-frequency and other oddball monitors
- (by allowing the video mode to be set at boot time)
-User-visible changes since Linux 2.2.x:
- * Sync-on-green is now handled properly
- * More useful information is printed on bootup
- (this helps if people run into problems)
-This driver does not (yet) support the TGA2 family of framebuffers, so the
-PowerStorm 3D30/4D20 (also known as PBXGB) cards are not supported. These
-can however be used with the standard VGA Text Console driver.
-You can pass kernel command line options to tgafb with
-`video=tgafb:option1,option2:value2,option3' (multiple options should be
-separated by comma, values are separated from options by `:').
-Accepted options:
-font:X - default font to use. All fonts are supported, including the
- SUN12x22 font which is very nice at high resolutions.
-mode:X - default video mode. The following video modes are supported:
- 640x480-60, 800x600-56, 640x480-72, 800x600-60, 800x600-72,
- 1024x768-60, 1152x864-60, 1024x768-70, 1024x768-76,
- 1152x864-70, 1280x1024-61, 1024x768-85, 1280x1024-70,
- 1152x864-84, 1280x1024-76, 1280x1024-85
-Known Issues
-The XFree86 FBDev server has been reported not to work, since tgafb doesn't do
-mmap(). Running the standard XF86_TGA server from XFree86 3.3.x works fine for
-me, however this server does not do acceleration, which make certain operations
-quite slow. Support for acceleration is being progressively integrated in
-XFree86 4.x.
-When running tgafb in resolutions higher than 640x480, on switching VCs from
-tgafb to XF86_TGA 3.3.x, the entire screen is not re-drawn and must be manually
-refreshed. This is an X server problem, not a tgafb problem, and is fixed in
-XFree86 4.0.
-Martin Lucina <>