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-$Id: pvr2fb.txt,v 1.1 2001/05/24 05:09:16 mrbrown Exp $
-What is pvr2fb?
-This is a driver for PowerVR 2 based graphics frame buffers, such as the
-one found in the Dreamcast.
- * It provides a nice large console (128 cols + 48 lines with 1024x768)
- without using tiny, unreadable fonts (NOT on the Dreamcast)
- * You can run XF86_FBDev on top of /dev/fb0
- * Most important: boot logo :-)
- * Driver is largely untested on non-Dreamcast systems.
-You can pass kernel command line options to pvr2fb with
-`video=pvr2fb:option1,option2:value2,option3' (multiple options should be
-separated by comma, values are separated from options by `:').
-Accepted options:
-font:X - default font to use. All fonts are supported, including the
- SUN12x22 font which is very nice at high resolutions.
-mode:X - default video mode with format [xres]x[yres]-<bpp>@<refresh rate>
- The following video modes are supported:
- 640x640-16@60, 640x480-24@60, 640x480-32@60. The Dreamcast
- defaults to 640x480-16@60. At the time of writing the
- 24bpp and 32bpp modes function poorly. Work to fix that is
- ongoing
- Note: the 640x240 mode is currently broken, and should not be
- used for any reason. It is only mentioned here as a reference.
-inverse - invert colors on screen (for LCD displays)
-nomtrr - disables write combining on frame buffer. This slows down driver
- but there is reported minor incompatibility between GUS DMA and
- XFree under high loads if write combining is enabled (sound
- dropouts). MTRR is enabled by default on systems that have it
- configured and that support it.
-cable:X - cable type. This can be any of the following: vga, rgb, and
- composite. If none is specified, we guess.
-output:X - output type. This can be any of the following: pal, ntsc, and
- vga. If none is specified, we guess.
-XF86_FBDev has been shown to work on the Dreamcast in the past - though not yet
-on any 2.6 series kernel.
-Paul Mundt <>
-Updated by Adrian McMenamin <>