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-Linux Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) subsystem
-The main development site and CVS repository for these
-drivers is
-The developer mailing list linux-dvb is also hosted there,
-see Please check
-the archive
-and the Wiki
-before asking newbie questions on the list.
-API documentation, utilities and test/example programs
-are available as part of the old driver package for Linux 2.4
-(linuxtv-dvb-1.0.x.tar.gz), or from CVS (module DVB).
-We plan to split this into separate packages, but it's not
-been done yet.
-What's inside this directory:
-contains detailed information about the
-Avermedia DVB-T cards. See also "bt8xx.txt".
-contains detailed information about the
-various bt8xx based "budget" DVB cards.
-contains a list of supported hardware.
-contains detailed information about the
-CI module as part from TwinHan cards and Clones.
-is the who-is-who of DVB development.
-contains frequently asked questions and their answers.
-script to download and extract firmware for those devices
-that require it.
-contains detailed information about the
-TT DEC2000/DEC3000 USB DVB hardware.
-how to get DVB and udev up and running.
-contains detailed information about the DVB USB cards.
-contains detailed information about the
-Technisat- and Flexcop B2C2 drivers.
-Good luck and have fun!