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-CE4100 Device Tree Bindings
-The CE4100 SoC uses for in core peripherals the following compatible
-format: <vendor>,<chip>-<device>.
-Many of the "generic" devices like HPET or IO APIC have the ce4100
-name in their compatible property because they first appeared in this
-The CPU node
- cpu@0 {
- device_type = "cpu";
- compatible = "intel,ce4100";
- reg = <0>;
- lapic = <&lapic0>;
- };
-The reg property describes the CPU number. The lapic property points to
-the local APIC timer.
-The SoC node
-This node describes the in-core peripherals. Required property:
- compatible = "intel,ce4100-cp";
-The PCI node
-This node describes the PCI bus on the SoC. Its property should be
- compatible = "intel,ce4100-pci", "pci";
-If the OS is using the IO-APIC for interrupt routing then the reported
-interrupt numbers for devices is no longer true. In order to obtain the
-correct interrupt number, the child node which represents the device has
-to contain the interrupt property. Besides the interrupt property it has
-to contain at least the reg property containing the PCI bus address and
-compatible property according to "PCI Bus Binding Revision 2.1".