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- vendor-id : Contains the flash chip's vendor id (1 byte).
- device-id : Contains the flash chip's device id (1 byte).
-In addition to the information on the mtd bank itself, the
-device tree may optionally contain additional information
-describing partitions of the address space. This can be
-used on platforms which have strong conventions about which
-portions of a flash are used for what purposes, but which don't
-use an on-flash partition table such as RedBoot.
-Each partition is represented as a sub-node of the mtd device.
-Each node's name represents the name of the corresponding
-partition of the mtd device.
-Flash partitions
- - reg : The partition's offset and size within the mtd bank.
- - label : (optional) The label / name for this partition.
- If omitted, the label is taken from the node name (excluding
- the unit address).
- - read-only : (optional) This parameter, if present, is a hint to
- Linux that this partition should only be mounted
- read-only. This is usually used for flash partitions
- containing early-boot firmware images or data which should not
- be clobbered.
+The device tree may optionally contain sub-nodes describing partitions of the
+address space. See partition.txt for more detail.