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+* TI's Keypad Controller device tree bindings
+TI's Keypad controller is used to interface a SoC with a matrix-type
+keypad device. The keypad controller supports multiple row and column lines.
+A key can be placed at each intersection of a unique row and a unique column.
+The keypad controller can sense a key-press and key-release and report the
+event using a interrupt to the cpu.
+Required SoC Specific Properties:
+- compatible: should be one of the following
+ - "ti,omap4-keypad": For controllers compatible with omap4 keypad
+ controller.
+Required Board Specific Properties, in addition to those specified by
+the shared matrix-keyboard bindings:
+- keypad,num-rows: Number of row lines connected to the keypad
+ controller.
+- keypad,num-columns: Number of column lines connected to the
+ keypad controller.
+Optional Properties specific to linux:
+- linux,keypad-no-autorepeat: do no enable autorepeat feature.
+ keypad@4ae1c000{
+ compatible = "ti,omap4-keypad";
+ keypad,num-rows = <2>;
+ keypad,num-columns = <8>;
+ linux,keypad-no-autorepeat;
+ };