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-PowerNow! and Cool'n'Quiet are AMD names for frequency
-management capabilities in AMD processors. As the hardware
-implementation changes in new generations of the processors,
-there is a different cpu-freq driver for each generation.
-Note that the driver's will not load on the "wrong" hardware,
-so it is safe to try each driver in turn when in doubt as to
-which is the correct driver.
-Note that the functionality to change frequency (and voltage)
-is not available in all processors. The drivers will refuse
-to load on processors without this capability. The capability
-is detected with the cpuid instruction.
-The drivers use BIOS supplied tables to obtain frequency and
-voltage information appropriate for a particular platform.
-Frequency transitions will be unavailable if the BIOS does
-not supply these tables.
-6th Generation: powernow-k6
-7th Generation: powernow-k7: Athlon, Duron, Geode.
-8th Generation: powernow-k8: Athlon, Athlon 64, Opteron, Sempron.
-Documentation on this functionality in 8th generation processors
-is available in the "BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide", publication
-26094, in chapter 9, available for download from
-BIOS supplied data, for powernow-k7 and for powernow-k8, may be
-from either the PSB table or from ACPI objects. The ACPI support
-is only available if the kernel config sets CONFIG_ACPI_PROCESSOR.
-The powernow-k8 driver will attempt to use ACPI if so configured,
-and fall back to PST if that fails.
-The powernow-k7 driver will try to use the PSB support first, and
-fall back to ACPI if the PSB support fails. A module parameter,
-acpi_force, is provided to force ACPI support to be used instead
-of PSB support.