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- Samsung GPIO implementation
- ===========================
-This outlines the Samsung GPIO implementation and the architecture
-specific calls provided alongisde the drivers/gpio core.
-S3C24XX (Legacy)
-See Documentation/arm/Samsung-S3C24XX/GPIO.txt for more information
-about these devices. Their implementation is being brought into line
-with the core samsung implementation described in this document.
-GPIOLIB integration
-The gpio implementation uses gpiolib as much as possible, only providing
-specific calls for the items that require Samsung specific handling, such
-as pin special-function or pull resistor control.
-GPIO numbering is synchronised between the Samsung and gpiolib system.
-PIN configuration
-Pin configuration is specific to the Samsung architecutre, with each SoC
-registering the necessary information for the core gpio configuration
-implementation to configure pins as necessary.
-The s3c_gpio_cfgpin() and s3c_gpio_setpull() provide the means for a
-driver or machine to change gpio configuration.
-See arch/arm/plat-samsung/include/plat/gpio-cfg.h for more information
-on these functions.