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- S3C24XX NAND Support
- ====================
-Small Page NAND
-The driver uses a 512 byte (1 page) ECC code for this setup. The
-ECC code is not directly compatible with the default kernel ECC
-code, so the driver enforces its own OOB layout and ECC parameters
-Large Page NAND
-The driver is capable of handling NAND flash with a 2KiB page
-size, with support for hardware ECC generation and correction.
-Unlike the 512byte page mode, the driver generates ECC data for
-each 256 byte block in an 2KiB page. This means that more than
-one error in a page can be rectified. It also means that the
-OOB layout remains the default kernel layout for these flashes.
-Document Author
-Ben Dooks, Copyright 2007 Simtec Electronics