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-Itsy is a research project done by the Western Research Lab, and Systems
-Research Center in Palo Alto, CA. The Itsy project is one of several
-research projects at Compaq that are related to pocket computing.
-For more information, see:
-Notes on initial 2.4 Itsy support (8/27/2000) :
-The port was done on an Itsy version 1.5 machine with a daughtercard with
-64 Meg of DRAM and 32 Meg of Flash. The initial work includes support for
-serial console (to see what you're doing). No other devices have been
-To build, do a "make menuconfig" (or xmenuconfig) and select Itsy support.
-Disable Flash and LCD support. and then do a make zImage.
-Finally, you will need to cd to arch/arm/boot/tools and execute a make there
-to build the params-itsy program used to boot the kernel.
-In order to install the port of 2.4 to the itsy, You will need to set the
-configuration parameters in the monitor as follows:
-Arg 1:0x08340000, Arg2: 0xC0000000, Arg3:18 (0x12), Arg4:0
-Make sure the start-routine address is set to 0x00060000.
-Next, flash the params-itsy program to 0x00060000 ("p 1 0x00060000" in the
-flash menu) Flash the kernel in arch/arm/boot/zImage into 0x08340000
-("p 1 0x00340000"). Finally flash an initial ramdisk into 0xC8000000
-("p 2 0x0") We used ramdisk-2-30.gz from the 0.11 version directory on
-The serial connection we established was at:
- 8-bit data, no parity, 1 stop bit(s), 115200.00 b/s. in the monitor, in the
-params-itsy program, and in the kernel itself. This can be changed, but
-not easily. The monitor parameters are easily changed, the params program
-setup is assembly outl's, and the kernel is a configuration item specific to
-the itsy. (i.e. grep for CONFIG_SA1100_ITSY and you'll find where it is.)
-This should get you a properly booting 2.4 kernel on the itsy.