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-ADS Bitsy Single Board Computer
-(It is different from Bitsy(iPAQ) of Compaq)
-For more details, contact Applied Data Systems or see
-The Linux support for this product has been provided by
-Woojung Huh <>
-Use 'make adsbitsy_config' before any 'make config'.
-This will set up defaults for ADS Bitsy support.
-The kernel zImage is linked to be loaded and executed at 0xc0400000.
-Linux can be used with the ADS BootLoader that ships with the
-newer rev boards. See their documentation on how to load Linux.
-Supported peripherals:
-- SA1100 LCD frame buffer (8/16bpp...sort of)
-- SA1111 USB Master
-- SA1100 serial port
-- pcmcia, compact flash
-- touchscreen(ucb1200)
-- console on LCD screen
-- serial ports (ttyS[0-2])
- - ttyS0 is default for serial console
-To do:
-- everything else! :-)
-- The flash on board is divided into 3 partitions.
- You should be careful to use flash on board.
- Its partition is different from GraphicsClient Plus and GraphicsMaster
-- 16bpp mode requires a different cable than what ships with the board.
- Contact ADS or look through the manual to wire your own. Currently,
- if you compile with 16bit mode support and switch into a lower bpp
- mode, the timing is off so the image is corrupted. This will be
- fixed soon.
-Any contribution can be sent to and will be greatly welcome!