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-<title>DVB Network API</title>
-<para>The DVB net device enables feeding of MPE (multi protocol encapsulation) packets
-received via DVB into the Linux network protocol stack, e.g. for internet via satellite
-applications. It can be accessed through <emphasis role="tt">/dev/dvb/adapter0/net0</emphasis>. Data types and
-and ioctl definitions can be accessed by including <emphasis role="tt">linux/dvb/net.h</emphasis> in your
-<section id="dvb_net_types">
-<title>DVB Net Data Types</title>
-<section id="dvb-net-if">
-<title>struct dvb_net_if</title>
-struct dvb_net_if {
- __u16 pid;
- __u16 if_num;
- __u8 feedtype;
-#define DVB_NET_FEEDTYPE_MPE 0 /&#x22C6; multi protocol encapsulation &#x22C6;/
-#define DVB_NET_FEEDTYPE_ULE 1 /&#x22C6; ultra lightweight encapsulation &#x22C6;/
-<section id="net_fcalls">
-<title>DVB net Function Calls</title>
-<para>To be written&#x2026;