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Chapter 14: Allocating memory
The kernel provides the following general purpose memory allocators:
-kmalloc(), kzalloc(), kcalloc(), vmalloc(), and vzalloc(). Please refer to
-the API documentation for further information about them.
+kmalloc(), kzalloc(), kmalloc_array(), kcalloc(), vmalloc(), and
+vzalloc(). Please refer to the API documentation for further information
+about them.
The preferred form for passing a size of a struct is the following:
@@ -686,6 +687,17 @@ Casting the return value which is a void pointer is redundant. The conversion
from void pointer to any other pointer type is guaranteed by the C programming
+The preferred form for allocating an array is the following:
+ p = kmalloc_array(n, sizeof(...), ...);
+The preferred form for allocating a zeroed array is the following:
+ p = kcalloc(n, sizeof(...), ...);
+Both forms check for overflow on the allocation size n * sizeof(...),
+and return NULL if that occurred.
Chapter 15: The inline disease