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-What: /sys/firmware/gsmi
-Date: March 2011
-Contact: Mike Waychison <>
- Some servers used internally at Google have firmware
- that provides callback functionality via explicit SMI
- triggers. Some of the callbacks are similar to those
- provided by the EFI runtime services page, but due to
- historical reasons this different entry-point has been
- used.
- The gsmi driver implements the kernel's abstraction for
- these firmware callbacks. Currently, this functionality
- is limited to handling the system event log and getting
- access to EFI-style variables stored in nvram.
- Layout:
- /sys/firmware/gsmi/vars:
- This directory has the same layout (and
- underlying implementation as /sys/firmware/efi/vars.
- See Documentation/ABI/*/sysfs-firmware-efi-vars
- for more information on how to interact with
- this structure.
- /sys/firmware/gsmi/append_to_eventlog - write-only:
- This file takes a binary blob and passes it onto
- the firmware to be timestamped and appended to
- the system eventlog. The binary format is
- interpreted by the firmware and may change from
- platform to platform. The only kernel-enforced
- requirement is that the blob be prefixed with a
- 32bit host-endian type used as part of the
- firmware call.
- /sys/firmware/gsmi/clear_config - write-only:
- Writing any value to this file will cause the
- entire firmware configuration to be reset to
- "factory defaults". Callers should assume that
- a reboot is required for the configuration to be
- cleared.
- /sys/firmware/gsmi/clear_eventlog - write-only:
- This file is used to clear out a portion/the
- whole of the system event log. Values written
- should be values between 1 and 100 inclusive (in
- ASCII) representing the fraction of the log to
- clear. Not all platforms support fractional
- clearing though, and this writes to this file
- will error out if the firmware doesn't like your
- submitted fraction.
- Callers should assume that a reboot is needed
- for this operation to complete.