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+What: /sys/firmware/acpi/bgrt/
+Date: January 2012
+Contact: Matthew Garrett <>
+ The BGRT is an ACPI 5.0 feature that allows the OS
+ to obtain a copy of the firmware boot splash and
+ some associated metadata. This is intended to be used
+ by boot splash applications in order to interact with
+ the firmware boot splash in order to avoid jarring
+ transitions.
+ image: The image bitmap. Currently a 32-bit BMP.
+ status: 1 if the image is valid, 0 if firmware invalidated it.
+ type: 0 indicates image is in BMP format.
+ version: The version of the BGRT. Currently 1.
+ xoffset: The number of pixels between the left of the screen
+ and the left edge of the image.
+ yoffset: The number of pixels between the top of the screen
+ and the top edge of the image.
What: /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/
Date: February 2008
Contact: Len Brown <>