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-What: /sys/class/uwb_rc/uwbN/wusbhc/wusb_chid
-Date: July 2008
-KernelVersion: 2.6.27
-Contact: David Vrabel <>
- Write the CHID (16 space-separated hex octets) for this host controller.
- This starts the host controller, allowing it to accept connection from
- WUSB devices.
- Set an all zero CHID to stop the host controller.
-What: /sys/class/uwb_rc/uwbN/wusbhc/wusb_trust_timeout
-Date: July 2008
-KernelVersion: 2.6.27
-Contact: David Vrabel <>
- Devices that haven't sent a WUSB packet to the host
- within 'wusb_trust_timeout' ms are considered to have
- disconnected and are removed. The default value of
- 4000 ms is the value required by the WUSB
- specification.
- Since this relates to security (specifically, the
- lifetime of PTKs and GTKs) it should not be changed
- from the default.
-What: /sys/class/uwb_rc/uwbN/wusbhc/wusb_phy_rate
-Date: August 2009
-KernelVersion: 2.6.32
-Contact: David Vrabel <>
- The maximum PHY rate to use for all connected devices.
- This is only of limited use for testing and
- development as the hardware's automatic rate
- adaptation is better then this simple control.
- Refer to [ECMA-368] section for the value to
- use.