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-What: /sys/kernel/debug/ec/*/{gpe,use_global_lock,io}
-Date: July 2010
-Contact: Thomas Renninger <>
-General information like which GPE is assigned to the EC and whether
-the global lock should get used.
-Knowing the EC GPE one can watch the amount of HW events related to
-the EC here (XY -> GPE number from /sys/kernel/debug/ec/*/gpe):
-The io file is binary and a userspace tool located here:
-should get used to read out the 256 Embedded Controller registers
-or writing to them.
-CAUTION: Do not write to the Embedded Controller if you don't know
-what you are doing! Rebooting afterwards also is a good idea.
-This can influence the way your machine is cooled and fans may
-not get switched on again after you did a wrong write.