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-What: /proc/<pid>/oom_adj
-When: August 2012
-Why: /proc/<pid>/oom_adj allows userspace to influence the oom killer's
- badness heuristic used to determine which task to kill when the kernel
- is out of memory.
- The badness heuristic has since been rewritten since the introduction of
- this tunable such that its meaning is deprecated. The value was
- implemented as a bitshift on a score generated by the badness()
- function that did not have any precise units of measure. With the
- rewrite, the score is given as a proportion of available memory to the
- task allocating pages, so using a bitshift which grows the score
- exponentially is, thus, impossible to tune with fine granularity.
- A much more powerful interface, /proc/<pid>/oom_score_adj, was
- introduced with the oom killer rewrite that allows users to increase or
- decrease the badness score linearly. This interface will replace
- /proc/<pid>/oom_adj.
- A warning will be emitted to the kernel log if an application uses this
- deprecated interface. After it is printed once, future warnings will be
- suppressed until the kernel is rebooted.
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-What: /sys/bus/usb/devices/.../power/level
-Date: March 2007
-KernelVersion: 2.6.21
-Contact: Alan Stern <>
- Each USB device directory will contain a file named
- power/level. This file holds a power-level setting for
- the device, either "on" or "auto".
- "on" means that the device is not allowed to autosuspend,
- although normal suspends for system sleep will still
- be honored. "auto" means the device will autosuspend
- and autoresume in the usual manner, according to the
- capabilities of its driver.
- During normal use, devices should be left in the "auto"
- level. The "on" level is meant for administrative uses.
- If you want to suspend a device immediately but leave it
- free to wake up in response to I/O requests, you should
- write "0" to power/autosuspend.
- Device not capable of proper suspend and resume should be
- left in the "on" level. Although the USB spec requires
- devices to support suspend/resume, many of them do not.
- In fact so many don't that by default, the USB core
- initializes all non-hub devices in the "on" level. Some
- drivers may change this setting when they are bound.
- This file is deprecated and will be removed after 2010.
- Use the power/control file instead; it does exactly the
- same thing.
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-rfkill - radio frequency (RF) connector kill switch support
-For details to this subsystem look at Documentation/rfkill.txt.
-What: /sys/class/rfkill/rfkill[0-9]+/state
-Date: 09-Jul-2007
-KernelVersion v2.6.22
-Description: Current state of the transmitter.
- This file is deprecated and scheduled to be removed in 2014,
- because its not possible to express the 'soft and hard block'
- state of the rfkill driver.
-Values: A numeric value.
- transmitter is turned off by software
- transmitter is (potentially) active
- transmitter is forced off by something outside of
- the driver's control.
-What: /sys/class/rfkill/rfkill[0-9]+/claim
-Date: 09-Jul-2007
-KernelVersion v2.6.22
-Description: This file is deprecated because there no longer is a way to
- claim just control over a single rfkill instance.
- This file is scheduled to be removed in 2012.
-Values: 0: Kernel handles events
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-What: /sys/bus/usb/devices/<busnum>-<devnum>:<config num>.<interface num>/<hid-bus>:<vendor-id>:<product-id>.<num>/koneplus/roccatkoneplus<minor>/startup_profile
-Date: October 2010
-Contact: Stefan Achatz <>
-Description: The integer value of this attribute ranges from 0-4.
- When read, this attribute returns the number of the actual
- profile. This value is persistent, so its equivalent to the
- profile that's active when the mouse is powered on next time.
- When written, this file sets the number of the startup profile
- and the mouse activates this profile immediately.
- Please use actual_profile, it does the same thing.