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+TI EMIF SDRAM Controller Driver:
+Aneesh V <>
+Supported SoCs:
+TI OMAP44xx
+TI OMAP54xx
+Menuconfig option:
+Device Drivers
+ Memory devices
+ Texas Instruments EMIF driver
+This driver is for the EMIF module available in Texas Instruments
+SoCs. EMIF is an SDRAM controller that, based on its revision,
+supports one or more of DDR2, DDR3, and LPDDR2 SDRAM protocols.
+This driver takes care of only LPDDR2 memories presently. The
+functions of the driver includes re-configuring AC timing
+parameters and other settings during frequency, voltage and
+temperature changes
+Platform Data (see include/linux/platform_data/emif_plat.h):
+DDR device details and other board dependent and SoC dependent
+information can be passed through platform data (struct emif_platform_data)
+- DDR device details: 'struct ddr_device_info'
+- Device AC timings: 'struct lpddr2_timings' and 'struct lpddr2_min_tck'
+- Custom configurations: customizable policy options through
+ 'struct emif_custom_configs'
+- IP revision
+- PHY type
+Interface to the external world:
+EMIF driver registers notifiers for voltage and frequency changes
+affecting EMIF and takes appropriate actions when these are invoked.
+- freq_pre_notify_handling()
+- freq_post_notify_handling()
+- volt_notify_handling()
+The driver creates two debugfs entries per device.
+- regcache_dump : dump of register values calculated and saved for all
+ frequencies used so far.
+- mr4 : last polled value of MR4 register in the LPDDR2 device. MR4
+ indicates the current temperature level of the device.