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Modified transactions
-We have found some I2C devices that needs the following modifications:
+The following modifications to the I2C protocol can also be generated,
+with the exception of I2C_M_NOSTART these are usually only needed to
+work around device issues:
In a combined transaction, no 'S Addr Wr/Rd [A]' is generated at some
@@ -60,6 +62,11 @@ We have found some I2C devices that needs the following modifications:
we do not generate Addr, but we do generate the startbit S. This will
probably confuse all other clients on your bus, so don't try this.
+ This is often used to gather transmits from multiple data buffers in
+ system memory into something that appears as a single transfer to the
+ I2C device but may also be used between direction changes by some
+ rare devices.
This toggles the Rd/Wr flag. That is, if you want to do a write, but
need to emit an Rd instead of a Wr, or vice versa, you set this