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@@ -94,9 +94,8 @@ protected.
-BKL is also moved from around sb operations. ->write_super() Is now called
-without BKL held. BKL should have been shifted into individual fs sb_op
-functions. If you don't need it, remove it.
+BKL is also moved from around sb operations. BKL should have been shifted into
+individual fs sb_op functions. If you don't need it, remove it.
@@ -355,12 +354,10 @@ protects *all* the dcache state of a given dentry.
via rcu-walk path walk (basically, if the file can have had a path name in the
vfs namespace).
- i_dentry and i_rcu share storage in a union, and the vfs expects
-i_dentry to be reinitialized before it is freed, so an:
- INIT_LIST_HEAD(&inode->i_dentry);
-must be done in the RCU callback.
+ Even though i_dentry and i_rcu share storage in a union, we will
+initialize the former in inode_init_always(), so just leave it alone in
+the callback. It used to be necessary to clean it there, but not anymore
+(starting at 3.2).
@@ -433,3 +430,14 @@ release it yourself.
d_alloc_root() is gone, along with a lot of bugs caused by code
misusing it. Replacement: d_make_root(inode). The difference is,
d_make_root() drops the reference to inode if dentry allocation fails.
+ The witch is dead! Well, 2/3 of it, anyway. ->d_revalidate() and
+->lookup() do *not* take struct nameidata anymore; just the flags.
+ ->create() doesn't take struct nameidata *; unlike the previous
+two, it gets "is it an O_EXCL or equivalent?" boolean argument. Note that
+local filesystems can ignore tha argument - they are guaranteed that the
+object doesn't exist. It's remote/distributed ones that might care...