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@@ -370,15 +370,12 @@ To mount a cgroup hierarchy with just the cpuset and memory
subsystems, type:
# mount -t cgroup -o cpuset,memory hier1 /sys/fs/cgroup/rg1
-To change the set of subsystems bound to a mounted hierarchy, just
-remount with different options:
-# mount -o remount,cpuset,blkio hier1 /sys/fs/cgroup/rg1
-Now memory is removed from the hierarchy and blkio is added.
-Note this will add blkio to the hierarchy but won't remove memory or
-cpuset, because the new options are appended to the old ones:
-# mount -o remount,blkio /sys/fs/cgroup/rg1
+While remounting cgroups is currently supported, it is not recommend
+to use it. Remounting allows changing bound subsystems and
+release_agent. Rebinding is hardly useful as it only works when the
+hierarchy is empty and release_agent itself should be replaced with
+conventional fsnotify. The support for remounting will be removed in
+the future.
To Specify a hierarchy's release_agent:
# mount -t cgroup -o cpuset,release_agent="/sbin/cpuset_release_agent" \
@@ -637,16 +634,6 @@ void exit(struct task_struct *task)
Called during task exit.
-int populate(struct cgroup *cgrp)
-(cgroup_mutex held by caller)
-Called after creation of a cgroup to allow a subsystem to populate
-the cgroup directory with file entries. The subsystem should make
-calls to cgroup_add_file() with objects of type cftype (see
-include/linux/cgroup.h for details). Note that although this
-method can return an error code, the error code is currently not
-always handled well.
void post_clone(struct cgroup *cgrp)
(cgroup_mutex held by caller)
@@ -656,7 +643,7 @@ example in cpusets, no task may attach before 'cpus' and 'mems' are set
void bind(struct cgroup *root)
-(cgroup_mutex and ss->hierarchy_mutex held by caller)
+(cgroup_mutex held by caller)
Called when a cgroup subsystem is rebound to a different hierarchy
and root cgroup. Currently this will only involve movement between