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The contents of this file are subject to the Open
Software License version 1.1 that can be found at
- <ulink url=""></ulink> and is included herein
- by reference.
+ <ulink url=""></ulink>
+ and is included herein by reference.
@@ -945,7 +945,7 @@ and other resources, etc.
- !BSY &amp;&amp; ERR after CDB tranfer starts but before the
+ !BSY &amp;&amp; ERR after CDB transfer starts but before the
last byte of CDB is transferred. ATA/ATAPI standard states
that &quot;The device shall not terminate the PACKET command
with an error before the last byte of the command packet has
@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ and other resources, etc.
to complete a command. Combined with the fact that MWDMA
and PIO transfer errors aren't allowed to use ICRC bit up to
ATA/ATAPI-7, it seems to imply that ABRT bit alone could
- indicate tranfer errors.
+ indicate transfer errors.
However, ATA/ATAPI-8 draft revision 1f removes the part